Web-based logistics portal

With its Online Logistics Control Center, Zeppelin Rental GmbH makes transportation logistics and organization of the construction site set-up even more transparent and easy to use for all parties involved.

After having registered when using the tool for the first time, suppliers and subcontractors can enter their transports for the construction site quickly and easily using the web-based tool. It only takes a few clicks to get an up-to-date schedule complete with time windows where deliveries can be entered for the appropriate slots.

The tool also provides a site set-up plan or an up-to-date logistics plan specifying access points, unloading zones and storage areas. The appropriate areas can be booked along with any lifting equipment required.

Your contacts

Your contact person on Allgemeine Anfragen zum Online Logistics Control Center

Zeppelin Rental GmbH
Herr Peter Nicolai
E-Mail: zrd-olcc@zeppelin.com

Your contact person on Carsch Haus Düsseldorf

Logistiker vor Ort:
E-Mail: carsch-haus@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Elements Berlin ELB

Baulogistik vor Ort:
E-Mail: elements-berlin@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Ersatzneubau Hohenloher Krankenhaus Öhringen

Logistiker vor Ort:
E-Mail: KH-Hohenlohe@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Flow | The New Work Campus

Logistiker vor Ort:
Valentin Marklin
E-Mail: valentin.marklin@zeppelin.com
Telefon: 0151/64330635

Your contact person on GHV_LOS 2+3 Umbau u. Sanierung CITY CENTER

Ansprechpartner der Baustelle:
Herr Khalif Nader
E-Mail: 3494-ccbau@gmp.de
Mobil: +49 1516 5200588

Your contact person on HENSOLDT Neubau HCO

Ansprechpartner Logistik:
Baustellentelefon: +49 176 61950392
E-Mail: log-hensoldt@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Hoffmann Trapez München

Hoffmann Trapez München
Logistiker vor Ort:
Herr Marko Kovacevic
E-Mail: htm@zrd-log.com
Telefon: +49 171/ 8329652

Your contact person on HPM01 | Heidepark München

Logistiker vor Ort:
Herr Feyzullah Ceker
E-Mail: heidepark@zrd-log.com
Telefon: +49 151 11666339

Your contact person on Koelnmesse 3.0 Confex

Logistiker vor Ort:

Mobil: +49 171 1960409
E-Mail: koelnmesse3.0@zrd-log.com

Ansprechpartner Zeppelin:

Herr Sebastian Karlshof
Mobil: +49 151 689 619 44
E-Mail: sebastian.karlshof@zeppelin.com

Herr Jan Böcker
Mobil: +49 162 40 44 374
E-Mail: jan.boecker@zeppelin.com

Your contact person on LQB Ludwigshafen

Marco Hahn
E-Mail: marco.hahn@markgrafbau.de
Telefon: 015127577052

Your contact person on LQE - Literaturquartier Essen

Ansprechpartner der Baustelle: Philipp Tappe
0173 7349818

Your contact person on MaHü 10-18

Herr Sasa Spiric
E-Mail: Mahi_Insite@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Mannheim ABB Pallas

Logistiker vor Ort: Mohamand Diab
E-Mail: abb-mannheim@zrd-log.com
Telefon: 0163 / 226 29 87

Your contact person on Nordbahnhof BF5-8

Herr Boban MALESEVIC - Operative Baulogistik - Email: nbhf@zeppelin.com Tel: +436765078209
Herr Magdy SALIB - Projektleiter Koordinator - Baulogistik - Email: magdy.salib@zeppelin.com Tel: +436648582347

Your contact person on Oberes Hausfeld

Herr Magdy Salib
Tel.: +43 664 8582347
E-Mail: magdy.salib@zeppelin.com

Your contact person on QIII - Quartier Hoym Dresden

Logistik vor Ort:
E-Mail: Q3@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Sanierung Kreishaus Recklinghausen

Logistiker vor Ort:
E-Mail: Kreishaus-RE@zrd-log.com

Your contact person on Strandkai Hamburg

Logistiker vor Ort:
E-Mail: skai@zrd-olcc.com

Ansprechpartner Zeppelin Rental GmbH
Herr Moussa Romani
E-Mail: moussa.romani@zeppelin.com
Mobil: +49 172 3897271

Your contact person on Umbau SiNN Gebäude | Centro Oberhausen

Your contact person on Vennhauser Allee Düsseldorf (Schule)

Herr Dal

Your contact person on VIO PLAZA

Marcus Killer
Operatives Projektmanagement
Tel: +43 664 882 250 27
E-Mail: vio_baulogistik@zeppelin.com

Your contact person on Westside Bonn MW4

Herr Thon

Your contact person on WING Evotec (Neubau)

Logistikkordinator vor Ort:
E-Mail: wing@zrd-log.com